Why You Should Invest Real Estate In Malta

Real Estate In Malta
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Malta is a small island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean which is about 230 miles south of Sicily.

It joined the Eu in 2004 quickly becoming a popular investment destination for a lot of businesses and retirees.

It is no wonder that this small island nation in the Mediterranean has the fastest growing economy in Europe.

Thousands of young professionals and graduates from Europe and around the world, come to Malta to learn English and eventually find a job here.

Fastest Growing Housing Market In The World

During the recession 10 years ago, Malta’s housing market did not collapse, unlike many industrialized countries. It remained stable and started growing rapidly after that.

In fact, according to Bloomberg, Malta had the fastest growing Housing Market in the world.

It also has the ranks first in property price index in the world.

Best Weather In The World and safest

Malta Real Estate
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International Living Magazine voted that Malta has the best climate in the world.

With over 300 days of sunshine in a year, it is no surprise that Malta was voted to have the best climate in the world.

It is also one of the safest countries to live in and has the lowest risk of natural disasters.

Apart from that, it has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s report in 2018, Malta was the 19th safest nation in the world out of 217 countries in the world that were part of the study.

Great place to start a Company

The Maltese government encourages foreign investment and has recently made it very easy to start a company in Malta, even for foreigners.

A private limited company needs a share capital of just €1,164 of which only 20% needs to be paid up when the Memorandum of association is signed, that’s just €232!

It takes less than 2 days to register your company and it can be done online at MFSA’s website.

English Is An Official Language

Along with Maltese, English is an official language. Over 88% of Maltese citizens are proficient in English. Most businesses operate in English in Malta.

Low Wages, Highly Skilled Workers

Many young professionals come to Malta to learn English and eventually get to get employed because the economy is booming.

Wages are much lower compared to other countries in Europe which means that companies can access highly qualified professionals for lower wages.

Opportunity to Have a Powerful Second Passport

If you purchase a property worth €350,000 or more you are eligible for the citizenship by investment program which allows you to get Maltese Citizenship.

Malta has the fifth most powerful passport in the world and you can travel visa-free to more than 161 countries with it.

Many international investors opt for a dual Maltese citizenship as this increase in travel freedom allows them to travel around the world and manage their international business.

It takes 5 years of residence to be eligible for Maltese Citizenship but you need to have a continuous presence there nor purchase property, you can just rent out an apartment where the rent is at least €15,000.

Most investors, however, purchase the property because the value of the property keeps rising and they can choose to rent it out to someone who is looking for a long let in Malta.

Therefore, purchasing a property makes better financial sense for most investors.

How to Purchase Property in Malta

Malta Real Estate
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You should personally visit Malta and inspect the property you want to buy.

You would first need a visa to visit Malta, you can go to the Maltese Embassy or Consulate in your country who would assist you.

If you are from a country which allows you to visit Malta without a visa are already in the EU you can land in Malta and look for a good property.

We suggest that instead of individual agents you meet with someone from real estate agent because they are regulated by government laws and cannot charge you exorbitant service fees.

If you choose to reside in Malta

You need a residence permit to stay in Malta If you are from a non-EU country or if you opt for the citizenship by investment program.

Once you purchase a property and are in possession of the deed of the property, you can go to ID Malta, the company which handles visas and residence permit and apply for a residence permit.

Their office can be found in the capital, Valletta.

They might advise you to apply for a residence permit using form K also called application for an economically sufficient person.