The Importance of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting

When planning your landscaping it is easy to get sidetracked with plants and hardscape, such as walkways. Lighting is too often considered as an afterthought. Landscape lighting should be considered early on in the design period. A well thought out landscape includes several lighting features, each with a different purpose.

When considering landscape lighting Apopka, you should decide what you want to enhance and highlight. Lighting can create a dramatic feel or highlight certain plantings. While your overall goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance, there are other reasons to install landscape lighting around your home.

Well-planned lighting makes your home less attractive to would-be burglars. Criminals look for the easiest target, and if your house is attractively lit, most burglars will pass by. You don’t need specific security lighting to gain these benefits. Lamposts and pathway lights can create a secure environment.

Proper lighting also makes your home safer. Landscape lighting along drives and pathways reduce the risk of falls and illuminate any hazards. Setting these lights on a timer or using dusk to dawn lights ensures you never come home to a dark house. While a porch light may seem sufficient, when you are struggling with your keys and groceries on a dark night, you will appreciate having your path illuminated. Adequate lighting is also important for any guests who may be unfamiliar with your home.

Having proper landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces more. It may be so hot in the summer that you can really only enjoy being outside after the sun goes down. Having well-designed lighting allows you to enjoy these outdoor spaces in the evening.

If you are curious about landscape lighting Apopka, talk to a lighting professional. They can give you some ideas on affordable options as well as recommendations for choices that will provide both aesthetic and security solutions.