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Prepare Your Yard for Summer Enjoyment


With summer approaching, it’s natural to fantasize about hanging out in your yard, sitting in a lawn chair with an iced tea or your favorite brew, perhaps watching your children play or your dog snooze in the shade. It’s also easy to forget about pesky critters like mosquitoes and ticks that can quickly drive you back inside, hopefully before you get bit. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by applying organic mosquito control and organic tick control practices in your yard.

Do Your Spring Cleaning

There are many natural things you can do to make your yard less of a home for mosquitoes and ticks. These steps will take some effort or money on your part, but they’ll have the incidental effect of making your yard more of a home for you and your family. First and foremost, prevent mosquitoes from breeding by eliminating any standing water from places …

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