Gulf Shores Home Improvements

Gulf Shores Home Improvements You Can Do On a Budget


Your beach home often gets a little care-worn, especially during the off-season. Here are some things to consider to freshen it up.

Yard Care

Sandy soils around beach areas in Alabama often require a bit more in the way of fertilizing, as the soils are not naturally nutrient dense. Weed and feed treatments and consistent cutting will keep the yard looking better. In southern climates the dormant period for your grass is not long, so stay on top of cutting during the off season.

Labor Saving Devices

Installing a cargo lift Alabama can help you get heavy items up to your second story without having to lug them up the stairs. A central vacuum system can also save you time and help stay ahead of the sand that tends to get tracked into the house.

Window Treatments

Curtains get sun faded very quickly at beach houses. Replace your curtains regularly. …

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