Renting a Restaurant? Here’s What to Remember

The dream of opening your own restaurant is finally coming to fruition. You’ve got one major hurdle to jump to get this ball rolling: find the building. Choosing the right property can be a challenge, but if you remember these key details, you’ll be on your way to picking something perfect.


Be very thoughtful about the location of your restaurant because this is something you won’t be able to change. Consider the amount of foot traffic in the area. Is it easy to get to? It’s good if there are other businesses in the area, but make sure none of them are direct competitors.

Kitchen Upgrades

Depending on the type of restaurant you plan to open, your kitchen may have different requirements. Many tenant agreements put these types of improvements on your shoulders, so factor in the costs of new equipment or restaurant hood cleaning Orlando FL. These are necessary steps to getting your kitchen ready to prepare your menu.


You might have a sit-down restaurant with waiter service or you might be planning a fast-casual type of spot. The latter will need a full-service counter, while the former might call for more space for tables. Think about whether or not the layout of the building you’re considering makes sense for your restaurant concept.


If you want to create an upscale dining experience, you might not want to rent a place that was formerly used as an old-fashioned diner. You may be able to make the necessary changes if the location is right, but if you’re able to find something with a more neutral starting point, that can make your life a lot easier.

As you start the search for your restaurant, have a clear plan in mind of what your needs are, especially when it comes to your kitchen and dining room layout. You’ll be better prepared to evaluate all of the properties you see.