A Guide To BRS Custom Painting

A quality custom painting job is crucial for those who are not oriented with the basics of home painting. So before you start painting drywalls, study your wall surface type and your home space, then decide on which colors that suits your house style if it is Mediterranean, modern Zen, classic American, etc.

Rooms with color may not seem significant if it is separated by walls and closing doors. But if it is adjoined, the color relationship between the rooms subliminally affects your mood. If your house is an open floor plan having no division between your receiving area and dining area, it is important to choose colors that compliments or relates each other.

The challenge in interior home painting is to give each space its own identity according to its function and still achieve aesthetic appeal that is unison. Some people consult independent color consultant or painting companies to help them estimate which color suits the need.

To give you an idea on which colors to paint your home let me give you some terminologies you should know to aide you when coordinating with a color consultants or a painting company. In painting color theory, a HUE refers to a pure color. If a hue is added with white pigment, it is called a TINT. If a hue is added with black pigment, it is called a SHADE. For example, the color green is the hue; one variation shade of green is Teal and one variation tint of green is Aquamarine. Teal is relatively darker in value than Aquamarine, which some people believes to be with associated with a blue hue.

And if you don’t have an idea which colors are perfect for your home. Think inside! Your personality reflects (too) what you paint on your walls. You can start with if you would like to settle with warm colors or cool colors. Warm colors like red, yellow and orange can make a room look smaller and can create an intimate and cozy feeling, while cool colors like blue, green and purple represents serenity and can make your room appear larger. Neighboring colors (or analogous in scheme) like hues of the same warm or cool hue scheme creates harmony and opposite colors like black and white or orange and blue (though they are complimentary) creates drama. This tip depends if you want your home interior painted with harmonious or dramatic appeal. BRS Custom Painting

Color also represents human mood whether it is warm or cool. Each color defines us and their characteristics cannot be altered.

The color RED raises a room’s energy and very much stimulating. yellow is a positive color. It communicates happiness and warmth, thus it is uplifting and welcoming. ORANGE stimulates appetite and just like its neighboring color yellow, it communicates positive vibe and represents warmth.

Green is the most restful color in the eye that is why it represents serenity. Just like the greens, BLUE is calming/relaxing. Blue represents depth and sensitivity. PURPLE, on the other hand, represents royalty and sophistication though rarely some people paint it in larger scheme.

The neutrals like black, white and brown – including its shades and tints never fall out of fashion. Though they can be dull if painted in larger scheme, but are great for balancing. Add neutral colors if you need to liven things up or calm things down.