Novels by Joe Matlock

Previously a Marine pilot and currently retired, Joe Matlock Author has various interests and hobbies, which includes travelling, oil painting, cooking, reading, and not to mention, writing. He shares his life’s experiences through his writing and enjoys entertaining his readers while educating them at the same time. He has written 2 books so far. As a pilot, he was also a part of the Confederate Air Force, from 1985 to 1992 and mostly worked in Europe, which is where he learnt French and Dutch and also practiced his German.
At present, he is part of a group known as the Kingsbury Aerodrome, which preserves and restores artefacts and airplanes before the 1930s. He also looks after a small farm in Texas.
The Dance: Only Love Can Break a Heart
A romance novel, it tells the tale of Sharon Hollingsworth and Toby Eisler. These 2 characters come from worlds that are miles apart, and despite their difference in careers and lifestyles, the characters manage to overcome their differences and find a middle ground. The one thing that does, however, make this novel stand out from the rest is the fact that this romance novel is by a male author and from the male perspective. That is one of the many things that made the readers appreciate the book as much as they did. Matlock takes a fresh perspective to an ordinary tale of love, turning something from sappy and romantic, to something true and relatable.
Twilight of Fury
Yet another romance novel, this one is set in a historical backdrop and is well researched. A love story set in the time of the Second World War, Tom MacMillan, an American fighter pilot and Molly Masterson, a British nurse, were fated to meet, just like the other characters in a love story. However, their shared troubles and the way the characters mature in the duration of the story is what makes this novel stand out from the rest. Matlock’s storytelling makes the readers yearn for more in this page-turner, and combined with the author’s accurate historical portrayal, the readers have been able to overlook the writing style, which is a little rough in places. And yet, despite the writing style, many have still considered this novel to be worthy of literary awards, all thanks to Matlock’s captivating storytelling and realistic historical setting. A book that is sure to bring you back to it yet again, Matlock’s characters have created a special spot in the hearts of many.

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